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In selected stainless steel fastener manufacturers,Do you have these troubles?

Factory is small,The goods in sight

The factory is too small,Production of substandard housing,Caused by the day of the delivery is still in production,Due to the loss。

Process capability is poor,Could not reach the requirements of customers

Product category,Purchasing is not complete,The finished product with the pictures gap is big。

Composition is not standard,The product cannot be used

Chaos not guarantee product raw material channels,Result in corrosion products、Fracture。

Can't find the suitable suppliers

Most custom giant is given priority to with big order,Don't accept small order。Small companies worry about the quality not up to standard,Design ability is poor。

After-sales service is not up to standard,Ensuring their rights

There is a problem cannot be solved in a timely manner,Or are pushed from pillar to post,Can not find a solution。

ChoiceWalter screw的4Big core strengths
Specializing in the production of stainless steel、High strength fasteners, metal products

1 Strong strength of enterprises,Give you confidence

  • Walter screw, hardware is located in dongguan city industrial centers,Factory area20000More than square
  • With many years professional development、Manufacture of stainless steel and high strength fasteners, metal products industry
  • It happened100More research and development production team,A professional machining and assembly、Detection of workshop
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Strong strength of enterprises,Give you confidence
The product application field widely,Let you worry

2 The product application field widely,Let you worry

  • Specializing in the production of stainless steel screws,Non-standard screws,Transfer screws and other hardware accessories
  • Products are widely used in machinery and equipment、Semiconductor devices,Communications equipment,Parking equipment,Dyeing and finishing equipment,Environmental protection equipment、OutdoorLED,Electric power system, etc
  • All the products selected environmental protection material,All can provide the material certificates andSGSThe report
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3 Professional technical team,Let your peace of mind

  • Have professional r&d team,Help customers to analyze the product structure and reasonable design of hardware accessories products
  • Walter screw for customers with customized solutions
  • To provide comprehensive technical support
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Professional technical team,Let your peace of mind
Perfect after-sale service system,Let you rest assured

4 Perfect after-sale service system,Let you rest assured

  • Once appear quality problem,We have no reason to return。
  • After-sales problems timely response,5Minutes to reply,24Hours to solve,No matter you have any questions,We will carefully for you to solve,And provide the corresponding solutions。
Advice immediately
Walter screw hardware products-Successful cases
The practical and stability of products received the recognition from the customers
Walter screw hardware products-Order process
Provide one-stop clothing customization service for you
  • Demand for communication

  • The market price of nuclear

  • Plate proofing

  • The sample confirmation

  • The contract was signed

  • Raw materials procurement

  • I want to customize

  • After-sales service

  • Logistics delivery

  • Product inspection

  • Batch production

  • The first sample confirmed

Walter screw hardware products-Walked into the us
Focus on stainless steel and high strength fasteners, metal products and other custom
Dongguan walter screw, hardware products co., LTD

Dongguan walter screw, hardware products co., LTD,Located in the pearl river delta industrial city——Dongguan。Factory covers an area of20000Square meters,Is a collection of product research and development、Production and manufacturing、Sales、Service in a body's specialized in the production of stainless steel and high strength fasteners, metal products businesses,Company now has the international most advanced specialized production fasteners multi-station heading equipment and specialized in the production of various special fastener products of cutting machine production process equipment。

Annual sales reach13.4Ten thousand tons,The company adopts the most advanced production equipment,Baoshan iron and steel raw materials by domestic famous steel plant、Angang steel mill、Taiyuan steel and import high quality stainless steel、Carbon steel、Alloy steel、Wire rodSUS302、SUS304 SUS316,316LAlloy steelSCM435 40Gr Carbon steel35# 45#According to national standard(GB)、Germany standard(DIN)、American standard(ANSI)、Japanese standard(JIS)、The international standard(ISO)Or according to the customer for processing... 【To check the details】

Walter screw hardware products-News and information
Pay attention to us,Confusion,Let you rest assured the choose and buy

Company news

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Company news

Do you know what a fastener
Fasteners,Is for fastening and widely used type of mechanical parts。Fasteners,Industry widely used,Including energy、Electrons、Electrical appliances、Machinery、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、The mold、Hydraulic pressure and so on industry,Among various kinds of machinery、Equipment、The vehicle、The ship、Railway、Bridges、Building、Structure、Tool、The instrument、... [Detailed content]

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    AnswerHinge for the furniture、The importance of hutch ark,It is not the oracle,If the hinge screws is not good,There will be a big trouble,The tail screw if sliding teeth,Will make the cupboard door out of cabinet put oneself in another's position,If the adjusting screw sliding tooth is not working,Will appear to have seam can't adjust,Use effect,Will eventually…

  • Q What is the characteristic of non-standard screws

    AnswerBelieve that everyone at ordinary times in daily life will meet all kinds of screws,Bicycle has a screw,The car has a screw,The computer、The phone、MP4Also have screws and other electronic products,The glasses frame has a small screws,So we can find that screw is everywhere in our life,Screw is basically…

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  • Q What are the real reasons for screw sliding teeth

    AnswerIn different occupations,We are always in contact with the screw fastening from time to time,But days long,Screw fasteners, it is possible to present the phenomenon of sliding tooth,Some time is to use a wrench to twist and there is no way to open。Custom screw primary intention for industrial products that make up the fixed one,The use of tooth and tooth often attack…

  • Q What role does the combination screw

    AnswerOver the years,Competition is increasingly intense car manufacturing operations,And each big manufacturers are also continuously launch new style,The new car in addition to pay attention to safety、Cost performance、The design is novel,Pay more attention to the car travel economy,Constantly satisfying customers' needs。