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Gen carbide products co., LTD is located in dengfeng city of dengfeng city three mile zhuang high-tech industrial park,Here207National highway、Yu03Provincial highway、Zheng Shaoluo highway intersection,From the famous shaolin temple20Kilometers,From the provincial capital of zhengzhou68Kilometers,West nine dynasties luoyang60Kilometers。The transportation is convenient,Picturesque scenery,The environment is exquisite。 Our company mainly engaged in molybdenum disi1icide electric heating element(Silicon molybdenum rods),Silicon carbide heating elements(Silicon carbide),UType silicon molybdenum rods,UType of silicon carbide,WType silicon molybdenum rods,Double thread silicon carbide and high temperature research and production of tungsten molybdenum product,And the related production technology in the field of research and development,Continuously improve product quality,Accumulated rich manufacturing experience and technology,The use of advanced process equipment、To the end…... [To check the details]

UType silicon molybdenum rods

1800Spiral silicon molybdenum rods

UType silicon molybdenum rods

Single thread silicon carbon rod

Coating of high temperature silicon carbon rod

Trough type silicon carbon rod

Silicon carbon rod fixture

Silicon molybdenum rods

Silicon molybdenum rods fixture

Silicon carbon rod fixture
[11-27]  The use of silicon carbide considerations and techniques、After-sales service support
[09-12]  The nitrogen plating white membrane element
[09-08]  Silicon carbide and silicon molybdenum rods and gravels logistics loading
[09-08]  Ministry of foreign trade export packing element orders at goods ready
[09-07]  Silicon molybdenum rods finally forming tests
[09-07]  Silicon carbide are waiting for packaging and gravels logistics to check in
[06-12]  Silicon carbide heating elements of resistance to acid and resistance measurements
[12-29]  The element is used as acidulant knowledge is introduced
[12-26]  Affect the service life of the gun type silicon carbide maintenance matters needing attention are introduced
[12-18]  Silicon carbide used in glass industry is introduced
[12-04]  Silicon carbide coating and automatic control WenJieShao
[11-23]  UThe characteristics of silicon carbide and appropriate power selection is introduced
[01-08]  The use of silicon carbide method and key points for installation is introduced
[12-27]  The use of silicon carbide heat stress and impedance analysis
[12-20]  Silicon carbon rod fracture repair and components heat power calculation
[11-29]  The physical and chemical properties of silicon carbide and surface load control is introduced
[11-09]  The advantages and disadvantages in the process of silicon carbide heating and avoid a split
[11-02]  Why use silicon carbon rod manufacturing process of silicon carbide particles?
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