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        Weinan jindi SAN technology co., LTD is located in weinan in shaanxi province economic and technological development zone middle bright street,The registered capital2380Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff37People,With professional and technical personnel15People。

        The company mainly produces food grade fumaric acid and its derivatives of food additives and pharmaceutical materials enterprises。The current food grade fumaric acid、Fumaric acid type cold water soluble、Fumaric acid type instant &its technology is in the leading position in domestic,Exclusive domestic production of fumaric acid type cold water soluble、Fumaric acid type instant and fumaric acid sodium and other products。In the company2015To deal with the import and export rights,In dun &bradstreet is registration code560448432,By the companyISO9001:2008、ISO22000:2005(ContainHACCP)Such as quality management system certification,And formally apply for the European UnionREACHCertification。Products passed the fumaric acidKOSHERJewish certification、HALALHalal certification and the United StatesFDACertification。Company production of fumaric acid products made in shaanxi province food drugs approved by the food production license,Serial numberSC20161050200151;Products are exported to the us and Europe、Japan、More than 40 countries and regions such as Africa and Latin America,Products have a very good reputation and market share......

The latest products
L-Aspartic acid calcium
L-Aspartic acid chromium
L-Aspartic acid potassium
L-Aspartic acid manganese
L-Aspartic acid sodium
L-Aspartic acid copper
L-Aspartic acid zinc
L-Aspartic acid chelate magnesium


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The ground    The address:Weinan in shaanxi by the open area middle bright street
Mail    Make up:714000
The general manager:CheWanZhong 13992360862
The electricity   Words:0913-2195485
Pass   The true:0913-2196628
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